Impact Radius: 1200+ brands to choose from

After applying as publisher for Impact Radius affiliate program (May 2018), we  received an email from them seeking following information:

Before we can complete your application, we need to know more about your business strategies. You have listed your promotional methods as Email, Search Engine Marketing, Content.

How are you planning to generate traffic for your advertisers and which companies have you worked with in the past to generate traffic?

Can you also provide some kind of proof, such as a screenshot of traffic purchased from an existing campaign?

So, it appears they are not interested in newbies.

Whenever we face any problem, we get in touch through support ticket. We receive reply within 15 to 20 minutes most of the time, which is pretty fast.

Impact Radius is a choice of large number of advertisers (1226 as on April 11, 2020).

Dashboard is exhaustive with a number of features.


The mode of payment is wire transfer and threshold 1280 INR (India). However with 760 INR as processing fee, it makes sense to set threshold as high as feasible.



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