CJ Affiliate: Our experience as an affiliate from India

Founded in 1998, CJ Affiliate (or better known as Commission Junction) is a trusted affiliate marketing brand that brings advertisers and publishers together while implementing cutting edge technologies that adheres to guidelines by Google and other dominant authorities.

With more than 2800 advertisers, including the likes of GoDaddy, Verizon Wireless, this is a platform that bloggers/publishers serious in affiliate marketing perhaps cannot ignore.

The minimum payout is 50$. For a newbie, it is advised to register as publisher once you have a proper website or infrastructure in place. In case the 50$ criterion is not met within few months, the accumulated balance will be deducted as maintenance charge (cannot say about the exact rate and time frame).

Despite the best intention, few sales are perhaps not tracked. While advertisers may blame this for reasons like cookies not enabled, popup blocker enabled, if you are sure, you need to contact advertiser through the cj.com interface citing the details you have such as date of sale, mode of payment. The irony is that affiliate marketing is all about someone coming to your website, clicking the affiliate link, and buying the product on the advertiser website without informing you. So, an unreported sale is missed for ever with no way to know its quantum.

Payment without fail is sent by 21st of each month. We have chosen wire transfer, and in our case reflects on our bank account by 25th.

https://junction.cj.com. Content Hub is the place to benefit from the expertise of CJ while crafting your affiliate marketing strategy.




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