Cloudways: How to launch your new WordPress website with WooCommerce while connecting with a GoDaddy domain, installing free SSL, and taking a look at Breeze cache plugin

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Verify your email address and phone no. You can choose server for your proposed WordPress website  from any of the five prominent cloud service providers: Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, and Vultr.


Under Pay As You Go, while the default server shows $22.00 monthly, choose server size as per your need. You can always upscale, downscale. Note that $22.00 is an approximate figure but the final payment will be based on actual use.


For this case study, we choose the cheapest plan that is available from Digital Ocean. Being a website targeting audience from India, the location of server is set Bangalore.


Soon after signup, you will be receiving emails relevant for your proposed web hosting such as how to migrate an existing WordPress website to Cloudways.



Your server can have a number of applications. In this case, a number of WordPress websites.


Click Add App on the bottom right in order to install a fresh application, which is WordPress with WooCommerce for this article.


For this article, instead of migrating an existing WordPress website, we will be launching a fresh WordPress website with WooCommerce (most popular WordPress plugin for online store).


Under one server, there can be a number of websites (no limit set, however, you will need to upgrade once the website capacities outweigh server load, leading to slower loading or in extreme case, the site not loading at all).


Under server, when we say you can have a number of applications or websites, they are not limited to WordPress. You can install Magento, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, PrestaShop or any custom PHP app.


Screenshot of a new application (Laxmi Telecom) in the process of being added on the server.


Screenshot of new application (Laxmi Telecom) added.


The public IP will be used while connecting the domain name that is with GoDaddy. The Username and Password under Application Credentials are needed while migrating website that is currently hosted on another server to Cloudways through Cloudways Migrator Plugin.


Now, you need to connect domain name ( whose registrar is GoDaddy with Cloudways application (LaxmiTelecom). After logged into GoDaddy account, click My Products.


Click on DNS as above on the screenshot or Manage DNS.


Under A record, paste the IP address that is shown with Cloudways under Public IP below Applications Credentials.


Now, the Cloudways application (LaxmiTelecom) need to know that it is domain name of GoDaddy to be connected. You do this by clicking Domain Management and adding under Primary Domain., domain name with GoDaddy, connected with Cloudways hosting application LaxmiTelecom.


Though the proposed website launched, the same is showing Not Secured with Chrome browser. This is because SSL certificate provided free with Cloudways not yet configured.


In order to configure SSL certificate with, click SSL Certificate.Under Domain Name, add as well as


Recommended to Enable HTTPS Redirection.


By enabling Autorenewal, SSL certificate will be renewed automatically with no further action needed.


SSL certificate configured successfully as confirmed by lock button above.


Credentials to access backend of WordPress or WordPress admin panel.


Breeze Plugin

With WordPress hosting on Cloudways, Breeze, WordPress cache plugin with extensive options to speed up your website, installed by default.


WooCommerce: Installed by default with WordPress with WooCommerce option.

Backup & Restore

Recently deleted WooCommerce plugin from one of our WordPress websites hosted with Cloudways. Restoring previous version a matter of few clicks.


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