Liquid Web managed WordPress and WooCommerce plans now enhanced by Nexcess: A snapshot of new managed WordPress hosting interface

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Liquid Web has partnered with Nexcess to bring their Managed Apps plans to the next level. As per the Liquid Web team, Nexcess had some amazing features that they wanted to utilize with their current hosting platforms, so they combined them as part of their Managed WordPress & WooCommerce plans.

Starting December, Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress & Managed WooCommerce pages will be leading to their new Nexcess products.

Choose a plan as per your need and budget. You can always scale up going forward.
Create your Nexcess login.
Enter your domain (in case not decided yet, just enter anything, later you can always change).
For this article, we start with Personal Plan (1 site).



Support as of now only through ticket or phone (313) 450-1401. Chat not available although LiquidWeb has a 24×7 chat support that is fast and exhaustive.






Under Operation, you now start feeling the difference.

  1. Cloud Auto Scaling:  Auto Scaling allows you to instantly scale concurrent users.

Suppose one of your article or product has gone viral. The last thing you will want is audience could not visit your website because of downtime that is the result of a spike in traffic. Auto scaling feature will come to the rescue releasing extra resource so that visitors experience the same fast speed. In the meantime, you will be contacted by Nexcess/Liquid Web team for an upgraded plan.

2.  Cloud Accelerator: Powered by NGINX Caching, Cloud Accelerator makes your hosting significantly speed up load times, manage more concurrent users without needing to upgrade. Enabled by default, you can turn off with one click in the client portal.

3. New Relic Performance Monitoring: This feature is for diagnosing performance issues.


For secure file transfer, you are given Secure Shell Access or SSH and FTP/SSL via explicit TLS.


During sign up, you might have entered anything as the domain name for your proposed WordPress site. Modify Master Domain is where you put the domain name say as web address for  World Wide Web visitors to access your WordPress site.

Suppose I have a domain I want that if anyone types on the web browser, he or she redirected to This can be accomplished using the above feature.
To know more about Redirect, visit


“Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce Hosting provides the ability to create a dev environment to test, design, and experiment with changes without affecting the performance of your live site. Once the staging site is created, it will have the same functionality as your live site, allowing you to view ideas and changes before making them public on your production site.” To know more, click Setting up a dev environment in managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hosting.

5. SSL

Given the demand by Chrome browser to either have SSL certificate installed or flagged unsecured, it goes without saying that not just for ecommerce websites dealing with secured transactions, even blogs these days need to have SSL certificates installed in order to appear professional. Also SSL sites rank slightly higher on Google Search, other things remaining constant.

With Nexcess/LiquidWeb, you receive free SSL certificates for all your Managed WordPress websites.

6. Logs

To view website errors and access logs. Know more here: How to view website error and access logs.

7. Scheduled Tasks

This feature is for developers/advanced users. To know more about scheduled tasks and cron jobs, visit here: How to set up cron jobs (non-cloud)

8. MySQL

Although by default, WordPress CMS is conceived so as to relieve users from understanding the nitty-gritty of database management system and database files. For those skilled in Database Management System, this is the place to plunge. Also, at times like recovery of password, one may need to access MySQL. Click to access MySQL tutorials.

9. Email

For a professional appearance, you need an email address that includes your domain name like instead of the likes of This also certifies your association with the domain/website/brand.

10. Stencil

This feature that makes it easy to build a new website tweaking an already existing one saves a lot of time. You get another copy of an already hosted website, which you customize while connecting with a new domain. So, no need to install plugins/themes/content afresh. Learn more here: Creating Stencil Sites in Managed WordPress Portal.

11. Backups

You can take backup of the whole website at any time through this option.By default, there is a backup every day. In order to restore backup of a particular day, you need to contact support.

12. Visual Comparison

For web masters, it’s common to find some of the plugins/themes not compatible with the WordPress updates leading to the website either crashing or missing something. The Visual Comparison feature takes care so that you need not check which plugin/theme causing the problem by deactivating them one by one.

13. Containers

For web developers developing multiple websites, containers are used to take care of hardware limitations because containers are less resource intensive.To know more about containers and offerings by Nexcess, click here: What Are Containers?




Regarding invoices and payments. only credit card is the payment option and PayPal not accepted which makes it somewhat constrained for say customers in India.



Domain Management System or DNS is the place to manage domain names and connect with the relevant hosting plans. To know more visit here:



For Managed WordPress websites, you get a free SSL certificate installed by default and administered through SSL button under Site Dashboard (See 5 above under Site Dashboard). For other plans, in case you want to have SSL certificates or SSL from other sources, this is the place to manage. Know more here:



iThemes Security is a popular plugin for WordPress security with 900,000+ active installations.

Now, moving to the WordPress dashboard, one immediate difference you feel is iThemes Security Pro plugin installed that would otherwise cost $48 for one site/one year.

“iThemes Sync Pro is a full-featured toolset for the Web Professional’s toolbelt that allows you to complete all the maintenance and management tasks required to successfully run a WordPress site. iThemes Sync Pro is included with Managed WordPress plans including four or more sites.”  For Personal Plan, iThemes sync not included. To know more, click iThemes Sync Pro in managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hosting.

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Starting January 24, 2020, there is a reduction in the entry-level pricing for Managed WordPress and WooCommerce while adding value to the customers with premium add-ons with every plan.
Major Changes

Besides now being hosted on Nexcess Cloud, there is a simplification of the products to only 5 & 6 plans total, a new lower price at $19/month!

Nexcess Auto-Scaling is now available with new Nexcess Cloud Hosting, so unique and needed for high-traffic sites.

What’s Staying the Same?
  • Each site continue to have 10+ PHP Workers per site
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • No Overage Fees
  • Email Included
  • Staging Environments
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL
  • 24/7 Support

Other than Managed WordPress and WooCommerce plans under Nexcess, VPS, Dedicated, and CloudSites hosting will continue to be on Liquid Web.

Update May 21, 2020

Hi there!

We’re excited to let you know that our Nexcess customer portal has a new update.

Click here to watch a quick video of your new experience.

On the home page, you’ll see a fresh approach to your previous experience. The information is all largely the same, only we’ve organized them in a cleaner, card-style format that’s both easier to read and is easier on the eyes.

Of course, one of the biggest changes you’ll see involves your portal’s navigation – instead of the top menu bar, you now have all of your menu items nested in a left navigation column. These items are the same as those you had before.  We simply moved your plans out from the “Services” menu into their own top-level listing.

As you dive deeper into each of the menu items, the left navigation menu will change with your selections, giving you easy access to the items you need for the task at hand. We have also added navigation within the frame to help you quickly move back to specific areas of interest.

If you’d like to read about the particulars inside your portal, you can review our updated Help Center article by clicking here

We are excited to continue improving your experience as a Nexcess customer and we hope this finds you well.

Thank you for being a valued Nexcess customer.


The Nexcess Team

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