How to create distraction-free forms on WordPress with WPForms has evolved as a site where readers can access contents without the distracting ads. Here is what they strive to achieve through the platform:

We want to eliminate distractions that get in the way of reading flow and reduce distortions that could undermine your trust in what you read on Medium…

According to a study by WPForms, the biggest reason why people abandon a website without filling out a form is distraction! Majority of web pages contain multiple offers which distract users and take them away from the most important part, the lead generation forms. While filling online forms in order to eliminate so-called distractions, consider Form Pages addon by WPForms.

An application of Form Pages addon.

One of the problems with WordPress until now was the themes taking preponderance over forms since form layout controlled by the installed theme. Until now, any form activated had elements of headers, footers, sidebars, colors defined under the theme setting. So, it was difficult to have a form landing page independent of theme. Now, with this Form Pages addon, one can have a landing page that is controlled by the options set under the addon bypassing theme.


After ‘Enable Form Page Mode’ you have:

(i) Form Page Title: Set ‘Suggestion Form’ for the example.

(ii) Message: Content that will be displayed below the page title and above the form. Left blank in the example.

(iii) Permalink: A place to set url of the form (set ‘suggestion-form-2’ in the example)

(iv) Header logo

(v) Footer Text: Left blank in the Suggestion Form example as our focus is to create a distraction-free environment for filling forms. So, it makes sense to keep contents under Message and Footer Text minimal.

(vi) Color scheme: You can define any color in addition to six default colors in box.

(vii) Style:

The Suggestion Form above is with Modern Design. Here is Survey Form with Classic Design:


WPForms Features & Addon

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