Accept online payments leveraging form builder capability of WPForms with robustness of Stripe and PayPal

As per Calista Ikeme at WPForms, “The thing is, customers keep sending feature requests to our Support team. They’re asking for a way to connect to Stripe. The WPForms team totally agrees that it would be great for people to have an easy way to submit one-time payments, or even recurring/subscription payments, using WPForms. That’s why we included a Stripe Addon from almost the very beginning. And due to popular demand, Stripe recurring went live in 2018!” With Stripe Addon, it is easy to integrate your WordPress site with Stipe.

WPForms is the official partner of payment gateway Stripe.

As per the above news report, “Stripe has been testing the product with customers in India for about a year, and the world’s second-most-populous country is expected to generate more e-commerce growth in the future. However, local regulations pose obstacles to a nationwide rollout.”

Through the above Quora thread, the following facts/opinions emerge:

  1. Stripe is more developer-friendly compared to Paypal.
  2. Paypal is accepted in more countries (200 countries for PayPal vs 25 for Stripe).
  3. Stripe can process about 135 currencies versus Paypal of 25 currencies.
  4. Stripe can accept payments from larger choices: credit cards, debit cards, international cards, AmEx Checkout, Masterpass by MasterCard, Visa Checkout, WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH credit and debit, SEPA direct debit and more. On the contrary, Paypal is limited to credit card, debit card, PayPal, PayPal Credit, and pay by phone (limited to pro customers).
The above article by WPForms team sums up the pros and cons of Stripe and PayPal in an authoritative manner.

Since WPForms has both Stripe addon and PayPal addon, this has different implications for website owners and users.  If I am operating from the United States or any of the 25 countries where Stripe is supported, it is no brainer that activating both the addons gives the users the choice to choose Stripe or PayPal while making their payments. For someone based in India where Stripe is not officially supported, as a website owner, I should go for PayPal. However, when it comes to recurring payments, unlike Stripe, PayPal is not yet supported by the WPForms.

Pay With PayPal safe hai 300x240
With PayPal accepting domestic payments in India since 2018, WPForms can help receive national and international payments under one umbrella.


Just like Stripe, it is easy with WPForms to integrate PayPal with WordPress forms.

Payment form with PayPal addon.

Recently, RuPay debit card, a popular debit card among masses, supported with PayPal.


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