Managed WooCommerce by Liquid Web/Nexcess

Managed WooCommerce Plan Highlights

  • Starting Price – $19/month
  • Multi-store Options
  • 10 PHP Workers Per site
  • Unlimited Email
  • Automatic Plugin Updates
  • No Overage Fees
  • Free Staging Environment
  • Free SSL

For coming out with an online store, there are a number of options that include WooCommerce (built on top of WordPress CMS), Magento, and website builders like the one by GoDaddy.

Each option has its own pros and cons. Magento consumes a lot of memory/hardware resource thereby raising hosting cost (Managed WooCommerce hosting starts @19$ versus @49$ per month at Liquid Web/Nexcess). Website builders are proprietary software and so you do not have the liberty to customize beyond a point. WooCommerce, which is the focus of this article, is lightweight and open source. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin. So, you get the best of CMS (Content Management System) and online store at one place.

In September 2019, Liquid Web partnered with Nexcess to bring their Managed Apps plans to the next level. As per the Liquid Web team, Nexcess had some amazing features that they wanted to utilize with their current hosting platforms, so they combined them as part of their Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Plans.

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, Managed WooCommerce Plan is Managed WordPress plus extra with WooCommerce needed to run an e-store with Managed WordPress.

If you are starting with one website, you may need to decide if Managed WordPress or Managed WooCommerce. We recommend Managed WooCommerce as even if you do not intend to sell products, WooCommerce can be just used to categorize and display say affiliate products (despite no need for payment gateway as users taken to advertiser’s website) that blend nicely with your blog/website. In other words by opting for Managed WooCommerce, you get all the features of Managed WordPress plus added features of Managed WooCommerce at the same pricing (19$ per month) for one website. This changes with the second tier (priced 79$ per month, 5 sites for Managed WordPress versus 3 stores for Managed WooCommerce).

Free premium plugins for all managed plans (Managed WordPress as well Managed WooCommerce)

(1) Astra Pro

(2) WPMerge

(3) iThemes Security Pro

(4) iThemes Sync Pro

Since meant for managing a number of websites under one dashboard, not relevant for one website.

(5) Qubely Blocks

(6) AffiliateWP 

(7) WP101 WooCommerce Tutorials

(8) Jetpack Image Compression

(9) Jetpack Image Lazy Loading

(10) PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

(11) All Import Pro for WooCommerce

(12) Stripe Payment Gateway

Premium Plans include the following plugins:

(1) ConvertPro

(2) Beaver Builder

(3) Dokan Pro

(4) ShopMaster

(5) Social Web Suite

(6) WP Lister Pro

(7) Abandoned Cart by Jilt

(8) Reporting

(9) Jetpack Pro

Free performance plugins for managed plans 

These plugins are free to download for anyone. Since these plugins are handpicked by experts at LiquidWeb/Nexcess, the same means they sync well for Managed WooCommerce plans.

Trial Offer

Our advise is to make use of 14-day trial before starting. Also, make sure of activating all the free and premium plugins relevant to your store during the period. In case of any difficulty or to clarify, get in touch of support.

0. Need Migration Help?

In case of migration, you get free support. In case you wish to self-migrate, refer this article: Migrating to Nexcess with managed WordPress and managed WooCommerce hosting.

1. Going Live With Your Website

These instructions will show you how: Going live with your site in Managed WordPress and Managed WooCommerce hosting.

2. Value-Added Bundle Benefits

Once your site is live, use the Nexcess Installer plugin to choose the revenue-boosting perks you want, and leave the ones you don’t–all within your WordPress dashboard.

How to use the Nexcess Installer Plugin

3. Get To Know WooCommerce

a. Click to access All WooCommerce articles in Nexcess knowledge base.

b.With WP101, you get access to all WooCommerce learning content.


Use the Nexcess Installer to activate WP101 learning content within your WordPress dashboard.

The truth of the matter is that WooCommerce is just a WordPress plugin. WordPress initially was built as a blogging platform. So its design was to support uploading of posts. Now, product management with the same infrastructure has its limitations that become evident on a store with say 2k products. You need a high performance server, a different set of software programming, and looking for cheap solutions will no more work. The site will begin to slow down or crash. It is to address such issues that Liquid Web/Nexcess Managed WooCommerce came into existence.

Originally launched under Liquid Web, Managed WooCommerce is a fully-integrated WooCommerce  operating platform.

Connect with the team

At Nexcess, Chris Lema is the VP of Product and Innovation, and is a thought leader in the WordPress and WooCommerce communities. He conceptualized the platform, which is expected to help you focus more on your store and customers while leaving the server administration and plugin management to them!

In the videos below, Chris speaks plainly about best practices and explains why you would want to use the particular plugins they offer as well as insight to others which may be counter-productive. If you have particular questions about any of the plugins which come with the WooCommerce packages, don’t hesitate to let them know via a reply.

Managed WooCommerce with Chris Lema

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