CyberChimps: Responsive themes for your WordPress websites

Whether it is a blog or a shopping portal, responsive WordPress themes by CyberChimps make the appearance professional. The themes are based keeping in mind the needs of specific categories of businesses.

1. Church Pro

2. Home Decor (Pro)

3. Insurance

4. Transport

5. Podcast (Pro)

6.  Restaurant Gutenberg

7. Travel

8. Pet Shop (Pro)

9. One Page Biz

10. E Commerce Fashion (Pro)

11. Corporate Lawyer

12. Charity (Pro)

13. Construction Services (Pro)

14. Magazine (Pro)

15. Barber Shop (Pro)

16. Construction

17. Interior Design

18. Accountant

19. Life Style

20. Food

21. Travel

22. Doctor

23. Yoga Instructor

24. Startup Business (Pro)

25. Travel Agency

26. Business (Pro)

27. Corporate (Pro)

28. Spa (Pro)

29. Health Coach (Pro)

30. Furniture Shop (Pro)

31. Fashion Shop (Pro)

32. Restaurant (Pro)

33. Gym (Pro)

34. Real Estate

35. Photography Studio

36. Tattoo Studio

37. Lawyer

For those who need to avail all Pro features on one site.
For availing Pro features on 3 sites.
For those managing multiple sites, including agencies.

There are free themes that could be equally effective given the aspirations of your project. So, one may start with free themes as well.

However, for this article, we give demo of pro version.

After activating the license, install Responsive Pro and Responsive Ready Sites Importer plugins.

This is the gateway to select theme of your choice and apply. There is flexibility. For instance, products related with web development and pet shop are quite different. Yet, the Pet Shop theme blends nicely for a web development & internet marketing marketplace as well.


The Magazine theme designed keeping in mind how the blog posts are displayed on the home page such that readers get option to glance headlines and click the one they find interesting right from the home page.

Take the example of Church Pro that has Join With Us and Donate Now buttons.
Press import button and see if the same suitable for your project. Even if you select a particular theme now, you can always change later on so long you have a pro license.
We decide to select Pet Shop theme for this website ( Since WooSplendid has WooCommerce plugin activated, Pet Shop theme should help display products in a way we like.


As we just need to highlight recent posts on home page, so the selection.


And here is the Shop page:

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